The Scan
Experiments in 3D Scanning and Theatrical Performance
Central School for Speech and Drama with Protoarchitecture lab/Prof. Bob Sheil, ScanLAB Projects and SHUNT.

Situated within the conglomerate of buildings housing the Central School of Speech and Drama, the project investigates the potential of 3d scanning and architectural prosthetics to create a series of mirage performance spaces.

Though eventually resulting in a still image, the act of 3D scanning is re-interpreted as a temporal/additive process that is intrinsically choreographic. By introducing elements actually to be avoided when 3-d scanning (mirrors and moving targets), the resulting point-cloud actively creates scenes rather than merely recording them.

A group of accurately simulated and bespokely fabricated site insertions create a series of digital mirages: dislocated points clouds created by deceived forensic technology. These mirages, spanning between the invisible laser rays of the scanner, are scenes that can be inhabited by both performers and public. They can be explored and mapped by study in plan and section, but also through the iterative process of scanning and revealing.

Scan images by ScanLAB Projects