Features Fractures Frames

Speculative Media Studies Workshop at the Architectural Association London 
FEATURES FRACTURES FRAMES was an intensive one day crash course, taught in collaboration with Thomas Parker, into 3D scanning, point cloud animation and editing. The workshop disobeyed the spatial continuity, unity and realism of 3D scanned scenes by reimagining geometrical features not as conventional references for scan alignment but instead as temporal pivots in spatially fractured sequences.

In its knowingly absurd taxonomical pursuit of formal similarity of geometrical features and their obsessive structuring in frequencies and frame counts it takes inspiration from Peter Greenaway’s early film Vertical Features Remake and from Satoshi Kon's editing style, which seamlessly blurred reality, fantasy, time and space. Common three-dimensional features between geographically and thematically unrelated point clouds provide continuity in a frantic rule-based montage that jitters between scales, locations and coordinate systems.

Point clouds are beautiful but they can also be fast.